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Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Things I Realized During My (Somewhat) Long Hiatus From Blogging

1. You don't realize how much you bit off, until you begin to choke. Then, you just learn to deal.
2. Cleaning is not a tedious hell, as long as you have good music blasting in the background to sing and dance to. Like Eye of the Tiger. Or any classic Disney songs.
3. You know you've been watching too much HGTV when, out of the blue, you decide to completely re-do your room. And it takes a week to do it. And you feel the urge to replace your torn Buffy and slightly dated and crinkled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (the book) posters with new ones...particularly with Breakfast at Tiffany's and The Breakfast Club.
4. A nice 'n' tidy bedroom a) actually makes you want to stay in there and b) keeps stress down. But, there's the side-effect of turning on neat-freak tendencies.
5. And in the process of cleaning, you find stuff you never expect. Like $50 hoarded away in between books, bookshelves, dresser drawers. I guess it pays to clean!
6. If being a senior in high school was awesome - college is way better.
7. Probably because no one sticks out like an elephant in a pack of zebras.
8. Oh, and there's the heavenly haven that is known as Starbucks. Particularly, Double Chocolaty Chip Frappucinos.
9. Not to mention, there is way more eye-candy in the boys department.
10. Two weeks throwing up, curled up in that kitty blanket that's been around since you were eight-years-old, and bones throbbing - gives you very little will to do anything.
11. But watching those old classic movies on TCM helps.
12. It's funny how It Happened One Night (1934) makes me laugh more than most brainless Judd Apatow movies.
13. Juno was quirkier and cuter than I remembered.
14. Waterloo Bridge (1940) is one of the most beautiful, and most tragic movies I ever seen.

15. No matter how many sequels they might spew out, the novel Gone With the Wind stands on its own.
16. And commercial success certainly does not = quality. Pillars of the Earth is a tedious, disturbing book with clumsy writing. The mini-series is interesting though.
17. You can come across jewels in the oddest of places.
18. Lydia who writes a great blog, Writerquake, is such a good-hearted person. She gave me my first blog award! Yay!!
19. The best thing you can do for someone is to put a smile on their face.
20. Like Kate, who found my blog, and told my sister how much she loved it. My ear-to-ear grin probably didn't slip away until the next morning.
21. There is poetry in everything you do.
22. There's nothing like the smell of coffee in the morning. I'm sure if they created a cologne of coffee, girls would go nutty.
23. Ben and Jerry = two men who know what women want.
24. I love that feeling when I get home, and I can kick off my shoes.
25. I hate that feeling when the clock ticks and ticks away at the time - and it's a Sunday.
26. Doctor Who is awesome. David Tennant makes it awesome.

27. Indulge in your nerdiness! It's fun :D
28. Listening to epic trailer music makes me want to write a spellbinding novel.
29. My penchant for all things British has gone beyond the ordinary.
30. I love blogging. I need to blog more often.

Hey, guys! I'm back! I was practically bedridden (okay, more like couch-ridden) with a horrible case of the flu/bronchitis, and I ended up missing two whole weeks of college. So, I have ALOT of makeup work to do...but I'll do my best to post on a regular basis.